Our philosophy is to implement the ideas and wishes of the client in an individually tailored to him mediterranean architecture in order to make the form of his dream house.
Here, our approach is always to create a harmonious whole in the interplay of form, materials, light and functionality.
The integration of the building in its natural environment and harmonious proportions bear this in just the overall aesthetic, as well as our advanced detailed solutions.
Good architecture is primarily the result of a successful and constructive co-operation between architects and builders.
Therefore, we offer comprehensive care of clients from the beginning to the final acceptance of building and beyond.


Since 2000
Worked as a German-speaking architect and planner in Majorca.
Member of the Chamber of Architects of the Balearic Islands „COAIB“ Oficial d’Arquitectes Col.legi Illes Balears.
Freelance Architect with approval and building documents for the Balearic Islands and Spain.
Spanish and English fluently in speech and writing.
Since 1998
After diploma and degree studies in architecture at the University of
Engineering and Applied Sciences (HTW) of Saarland in Saarbrücken entry in the Hessian Chamber of Architects (AKH).
Activity as an employed architect: Contests, Design, work and detailed planning.
Project selection: University building, hotel, residential and commercial buildings.